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Common Water Heater DIY Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Many plumbing projects, including installing a tank water heater, should only be attempted by those with the proper experience and tools, such as a licensed plumber. There are many mistakes homeowners make during a DIY water heater installation, ranging from choosing the wrong tank size, poor location, improper material selection, not following building codes, and more.

Choosing the wrong size

Your new water heater may be set up for failure even before it warms up its first gallon of water. Tank water heaters can range from 30 to 80 gallons. The size you need depends on the number of people in your household and hot water usage. If you buy a water heater that’s too small, you’ll find yourself frequently running out of hot water. However, if the tank is too large, you’ll be wasting money on your monthly energy bills by continuously heating water you don’t need.

Installing it in a dangerous location

Where you place your water heater is very important – for safety, convenience, and efficiency. Depending on your local codes, there may be prohibited or restricted spaces to install a tank water heater, such as storage closets, attics, and under floors. If you’re replacing an old water heater, you can’t assume the same location will work since newer models are better insulated and wider than older units. An experienced plumber will make sure your water heater has proper access and room for adequate airflow.

Not getting a permit or following codes

When homeowners perform DIY projects, they often think they are exempt from permits and building codes – which is absolutely not true. These rules are in place for a reason, and skipping these steps can be both risky and costly. A reputable plumber will make sure your water heater installation is done by the book.

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