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How to Maintain the Good Condition of Your Water Heater?

Maintaining your water heater is important to its performance. In order to extend its lifespan and decrease energy consumption, consistent maintenance is the key. There are many things to remember about your water heater so make sure to get the most out of your unit through an effective water heater repair service.

But to avoid expensive repairs, you need to maintain the good condition of your heater. Please continue reading.

Check the Level of Your Water

Check the water level in your tank every 7 to 10 days. If the water level is low, then your tank is working hard. If the water levels are too low, then you should consider adding more water to your tank.

Clean Your Water Heater

Do not ignore any discolored water because it might be a sign that minerals from the water pipes are draining into your water heater. To clean your water heater, first, turn off the power to the unit at the electrical panel. Then, drain all the water from the tank and remove the top half of the tank. Next, use a stiff wire brush to remove the loose mineral deposits from the heater’s heating element. After the inside of the tank is clean and dry, reassemble it and place it back on the wall.

Drill a New Orifice

Most water heaters are equipped with an orifice so that hot or warm water can be sent out at the faucet. If your orifice is blocked, then you should install a new one. A water heater specialist can do this. However, there are also plumbing companies that offer this service, you can look them up by asking them for a recommendation.

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