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Typical Misconceptions Regarding Your Air Conditioner

People are always on the lookout for ways to increase their energy efficiency in order to lower their power costs and have less of an effect on the environment. However, some myths have sprung up over time, obscuring the truth about how an air conditioner actually functions and the best way to put it to use. Getting in touch with a local HVAC contractor will provide you with the facts behind these AC myths.

Setting the thermostat low will also minimize humidity, just like Dry Mode.

Both the temperature and the humidity in the room affect how much electricity is needed to power an air conditioner. The AC remote primarily serves to adjust the power and temperature, therefore we rarely think of adjusting the other options. The high relative humidity is uncomfortable for humans because it causes them to perspire more. When the temperature is tolerable, but the humidity is excessive, turning on the air conditioner’s Dry Mode may be the most efficient approach to lower the humidity without breaking the bank.

Having the air conditioner cools the space to a lower temperature will require less work from the unit.

In contrast to their inverter counterparts, conventional air conditioners simply have the “on” and “off” positions for the compressor. After reducing the temperature to save money, if you don’t increase it back up again, it will over cool and work less efficiently. Spending on heating and cooling will be reduced if the temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors is minimized.

Energy is wasted every time the air conditioner is turned on and off.

Some people think you can save money by keeping your air conditioner running all day, even while you’re not there. Turning off your air conditioner completely saves more energy than leaving it on at a higher level all day. As a result, saving money on cooling costs is as easy as turning the unit off when it’s not needed. Furthermore, it will perform better when run at maximum speed for intermittent intervals instead of at a fixed temperature.

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